We must recover the plastic BEFORE it enters the ocean. Envision Plastics, with help from our corporate partners, is committed to removing 10 million pounds of plastic at-risk of polluting our oceans over the next 2 years. Envision has combined supply chain experience with technical expertise and proprietary processes to transform plastic at-risk of polluting our oceans into a reliable resin, OceanBound Plastic.

Envision Plastics’ criteria for OceanBound Plastic source material is based on scientific findings. Qualified partners will satisfy several criteria. Most importantly the Envision Verification Process, a regular recertification process that includes completing the proprietary scorecard and on-site inspections. We invite you to join us in this great undertaking by incorporating Envision’s OceanBound Plastic into your products.

“At least 80 percent of ocean plastic comes from land-based sources, but the actual number is probably much higher.” Stemming the Tide 2015, Ocean Conservancy. Conservative estimates suggest that approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic entered the ocean from land in 20101 .

Consumer Engagement

Envision’s process technology allows the end consumer to trace a product’s journey all the way back to the source. Consumers are driving the market by demanding more from sustainable packaging. They have easy access to information, are well informed, and expect a meaningful level of recycled content that conveys a level of commitment and willingness, by brands, to impact what they see as a growing problem, plastic pollution.

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Our experience allows us to access an abundant supply of source material to make Envision’s OceanBound Plastic. Using OceanBound Plastic prevents some of the estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic from entering our oceans1 .


Envision’s OceanBound Plastic can be refined to quality levels, for use at up to 100% inclusion.


OceanBound Plastic is a versatile resin that can be further processed into the many proprietary products Envision offers including, PRISMA® and Deodorized ResinTM making it suitable for a variety of applications.

Circular Economy

Every pound of OceanBound Plastic used is a pound of HDPE that would have been permanently lost. Packaging made with OceanBound Plastic can be recycled in the majority of municipal recycling streams. The OceanBound Plastic process helps the brand educate consumers by conveying the message that managing plastic packaging properly is an important part of a sustainable future.